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We are located just three blocks north of the Historic Dowtown McKinney Square at Lamar and Kentucky. 


Stop by to visit our Gallery or check out our class schedule. 

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Lisa LaBarge - aka Mrs. Potts  

Resident Artist/Owner

I believe everyone has the ability and the spirit to be creative. I believe everyone has an artist inside, and with the right encouragement, and some sharpening of skills, wonderful things can happen. I believe in pursuing art for beauty and functionality. I promote the use of common materials and simple techniques while creating both sculptural and functional art.

Teaching is a great way to share knowledge, challenge others, exchange ideas, give back, learn and unleash passion. As a teacher, there is pleasure in watching someone blossom, and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

Art has opened my mind to see things from a different perspective….mud becomes a masterpiece…junk becomes a tool….nature becomes a designer….an accident becomes a new technique. Ever since I was a child, I have seen the possibility in everything! As new ideas, techniques and mediums are presented to me, you will hear me say, “I want to do that!” 

Meet our Resident Artists

Kerry Randol-Johnston


Much of my inspiration comes from the earth.  My current passion has been the extremely earthy medium of clay, building both functional and sculptural pieces. Often using textures directly taken from plants to embellish the surface, 


If you have questions or wish to visit my studio, contact me by email:

James Spurrier

I am a fine art enthusiast and my current medium is clay. I enjoy exploring texture at the moment and love seeing how glazes and oxides respond to it. I find inspiration in unexpected places and translate that into my work. 

Meet our Teachers

Jacqui Bush


I took my first copper foil class in 1997 and haven't looked back since then.  I have a contagious passion for glass in all its forms and would love to share it with you through teaching and demonstrating. The class techniques I offer include, but are not limited to : stained glass,  glass fusing, metal art clay, jewelry, wire wrapping, metal enameling. There will always be more to come as we learn and experiment.


Jacqui teaches classes in stained and fused glass and various workshops.

Kim Carothers


In 1996 I received a BFA from the University of New Mexico with an emphasis in drawing and painting.

In 2012, I was very fortunate to experience a ceramic sculpture workshop in Tucson Arizona. We were encouraged to dance and let the clay speak and it spoke directly to my heart. Since then I have continued to learn in workshops and with friends. I love to see the clay come to life and represent that spirit in all its whimsy and wonder.


Kim teaches Introductory Sculpting



Tracy Culberson

Clay is a way to to share my whimsical designs using slab and coil.  

Tracy teaches The Clay Classroom, workshops, group / birthday parties.

We are always looking for great people!!

Art Teacher

Do you love teaching art classes?  The McKinney Art Studio is interested in offering a wide variety of classes.  Come and talk to us about classes you want to teach.  


We have a small gallery and are interested in showing your works of art.  We charge 20% comimission on sales.   


We will have events throughout the year at our studio and participate in community events where we will need extra hands to help make these events successful.  If you are available to volunteer your time, please let us call on you.

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